What is McDonalds hamburger meat made of

Keep reading and I will show you what is McDonalds hamburger meat made of. You can see at any restaurant they have the nutritional information which to be fair, is not really nutritious at all. The big mac is made up of 540 calories and 29 grams of fat, 1040 grams of sodium and 9 grams of sugar. See when you are a healthy fit person. You are meant to only eat 30 grams of fat a day so this is way too unhealthy.

Why don’t you make a nice home made healthy McDonalds burger instead?

The pleasure of preparing healthy food and sharing good meals has a political importance too: it is a vital part of the process of ordinary people taking control of their lives to create a better society, instead of leaving their futures in the cynical, greedy hands of corporations like McDonald’s.

So take your life and your good health into your own hands by checking out some of our healthy hamburger menus. Buy organic meat only. When you buy organic beef then you know you are buying a healthy, well treated

Mcdonalds hamburger ingredients

Besides all the fat, salt and sugar in the beef, the hamburger bun has nothing good for you either. Here are the bun ingredients:

Enriched bleached flour (bleached wheat flour, malted barley flour, thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, folic acid, reduced iron), water, high fructose corn syrup, partially hydrogenated soybean oil, yeast, contains less than 2 % of each of the following: salt, calcium sulfate, calcium carbonate, calcium silicate, wheat gluten, soy flour, baking soda, emulsifier (mono- and diglycerides, diacetyl tartaric acid esters of fatty acids, ethanol, sorbitol, polysorbate 20, potassium propionate), sodium stearoyl lactylate, dough conditioner (corn starch, ammonium chloride, ammonium sulfate, calcium peroxide, ascorbic acid, azodicarbonamide, enzymes), calcium propionate (preservative).

Tomato concentrate from red ripe tomatoes, distilled vinegar, high fructose corn syrup, water, salt, natural flavors (vegetable source).

Vinegar, water, mustard seed, salt, turmeric, paprika, spice extractives.

Pickle Slices
Cucumbers, water, distilled vinegar, salt, calcium chloride, sodium benzoate or potassium sorbate (preservative), natural flavor (vegetable source), alum, polysorbate 80, turmeric.

Onions (Dehydrated)

Salt, pepper, partially hydrogenated vegetable oil (cottonseed and soybean).

MSG has been proven to cause cancer. There is nothing healthy or nutritious here with a major lack of vitamines and fiber.

McDonald’s promote their food as ‘nutritious’, but the reality is that it is junk food

McDonald’s promote their food as ‘nutritious’, but the reality is that it is junk food – high in fat, sugar and salt, and low in fibre and vitamins. A diet of this type is linked with a greater risk of heart disease, cancer, diabetes and other diseases. Their food also contains many chemical additives, some of which may cause ill-health, and hyperactivity in children.

In 1991 McDonald’s were responsible for an outbreak of food poisoning in the UK, in which people suffered serious kidney failure. With modern intensive farming methods, other diseases – linked to chemical residues or unnatural practices – have become a danger to people too (such as BSE).

Non Organic Meat is Poison

Non-Organic meat is responsible for 70% of all food-poisoning incidents, with chicken and minced meat (as used in burgers) being the worst offenders. When animals are slaughtered, meat can be contaminated with gut contents, feces and urine, leading to bacterial infections. In an attempt to counteract infection in their animals, farmers routinely inject them with doses of antibiotics. These, in addition to growth-promoting hormone drugs and pesticide residues in their feed, build up in the animals’ tissues and can further damage the health of people on a meat-based diet.

When you buy Organic, the animals roam free and eat a healthy diet. With McDonalds meat, the animals are purposely cultivated to live in small spaces, pumped with antibiotics and other drugs such as growth hormones and live a miserable life.

A substitute for McDonalds Hamburgers

1 -Pound ground ORGANIC (100% lean) beef
10 –Whole wheat hamburger buns or sourdough bread
10 -Hamburger dill slices
10 -teaspoons fresh healthy, chopped onion
McDonald’s® Hamburger Seasoning
Mustard, Ketchup ….and ….. waxed paper

The Hamburger Seasoning:
4 Tablespoons sea salt (not table salt)
1 teaspoon ground black pepper
1/4 teaspoon onion powder

Mix all ingredients well in a spice shaker with big enough holes to allow pepper to flow. Makes about 3 ounces. Use on all hamburgers.
The Beef Patties:
Divide 1 lb of beef into 10 equal sized balls. Form a patty out of each ball about 4 inches in diameter and 1/4 inch thick. Do this on waxed paper. Now freeze the patties for at least an hour. (this keeps them from falling apart when you grill ‘em) Obviously you’ll do this in advance of “burger time”. It is pretty tough to make patties this small, so if you come up with 9 patties, I’ll forgive you.
The Pickles:
You will have to get pickles that come whole and slice them yourself.

Cooking your Hamburgers!
Pre-heat your oven to warm. its lowest level, this is for later. You’re going to need two electric griddles . One to grill the meat, the other to toast the buns. Pre-heat the meat griddle to 375-400°, and the bun griddle to about 350°. (this recipe has you cooking four at a time)
***note***before starting, make sure to have all of your condiments READY! (because this all happens very fast)
#1 -Toast the crowns of 4 buns (tops) Do this by laying them face down on the griddle closely together. Put a dutch oven (pot) bottom side down directly on top of the buns. (open side facing up) This is only to apply hands-free pressure to the buns so they will toast evenly. (Don’t use anything TOO heavy like cast iron. You’ll smash the buns.)
#2 -Lay the frozen patties on the other grill. After about 20 seconds, “sear” them by applying even pressure with the back of a metal spatula, and pushing down on the front with your free hand. (careful not to burn your fingers.) Do this only for about 2 seconds…you should hear them sizzle louder while you “sear” them. After searing them, sprinkle generously with McDonald’s burger seasoning.
#3 -At this point, your buns are nearly done. They will have an even tan color when finished. Remove them, and repeat the the “bun toasting” process with the heels. (bottoms)
#4 -After about one minute since searing the patties, turn them over. Careful, don’t tear the side you seared. Add another dash of Seasoning and about a teaspoon of your prepared onions. (Don’t be anal and use a measuring spoon…no time…just two fingers and a thumb full.)
#5 -Now quickly dress your buns. (crown, or top side) Mustard first….five “kisses” the diameter of a pencil evenly spaced in a circle about a half inch from the edge. Then the Ketchup, (use Hunt’s if you can) five squirts the size of a nickle..in the pattern found on dice. Place the pickle in the middle.
#6 -By the time you finish that, the meat will be done. (about 1 minute or 1:10 after turning) Remove the meat and tilt to the side to allow excess fat to drain off. Use your free hand to hold down the onions. Place patties onion side up on the dressed crown, top with toasted heels. (the burger will be upside-down)
#7 -Lay one finished hamburger, still upside-down, in the center of your pre-cut waxed paper. Wrap the paper around the burger tightly. It should resemble a very oblong tube with two open ends, and the burger in the middle. Then wrap the open ends underneath the bottom of the burger so it is enclosed tightly.
#8 -Place wrapped hamburger in your pre-heated oven. (remember…oven is just barely on warm) Keep ‘em in there about 8-10 minutes.**** Hey! That’s enough time to cook another batch. (if you do cook another batch while these are “aging properly”, scrape the black stuff and burnt onions to the side before beginning.)

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