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I, with great expertise and tact, allow pets to speak to their owners. Please join me for this exciting new series which plunges the audience into a world where pigs can”t exactly fly, but are heartily able to express their desire to do so. Twitter: Music Channel: BlogTv:

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Whispering to wild horses....
Image by c6 cowboy via Flickr

How To Be a Pet Whisperer

"I”m not sure why they call it whisperer. It”s probably because the technique involves whispering or talking very softly to animals.

I”ve been doing it all my life. I”ve always had a way with animals, namely dogs, cats, horses, camels, cattle, ferrets, rats, mice and various birds. It”s always seemed natural to me to communicate with animals. I believe they like being talked to and have always thought of them as beings in their own right.

I”ve always believed that animals can “sense “you. They can feel your mood and whether you have good, bad or indifferent intentions. This is very important because you have to approach an animal in a genuinely calm and friendly mood if you want to make friends. If you are angry or tense it won”t work.

So number one rule is be in a peaceful and friendly mood. A loving mood is ideal.

Animals will want to smell you. They will remember your body smell like we might remember a face. But they don”t like certain smells, especially things like after shave or perfume. You too can pretend to smell them by sniffing. This is a form of communication.

The next thing is not to move quickly and suddenly or make noises. Fast and sudden movement alarms creatures, especially birds. You need to move slowly and quietly. With a very nervous animal you might not even get next to it. You might have to sit nearby until it gets use to you.

A food treat is also handy to have on offer.

Now comes the talking. You can talk softly and if you are close enough you can whisper in the pet”s ear. I talk as if I”m talking to another person. It”s friendly, loving conversation. I”m telling the pet honestly how much I love it and what a nice creature it is. If it”s in pain or upset I talk to comfort and sooth it. I really feel deeply inside myself that I love this creature and want to be its friend and I believe the pet can sense those feelings and thoughts.

Eventually the pet will get closer to you and come to expect these private moments. Somehow a deep understanding develops between you and your pet and there is love and respect.

It doesn”t always happen overnight. Sometimes it might not happen completely when, for example, an animal has previously been treated very cruelly. But with patience you will at least achieve a closer friendship and make the animal happier."

It wasn’t always that way.

Kelly is my dog and I love him dearly, finding him to be the best companion I’ve ever had.

Kelly came to me thru my other dog Gracie. When Mollee died,( my beautiful Walker Hound who was the inspiration for so many things I”ve undertaken to help animals), Gracie “told” me she missed having someone like herself to play with. So off to the humane society we went, Gracie and I to find a new friend.

When we came upon Kelly in a cage, Gracie fell totally in love with him the moment she set eyes on him and they have been best friends ever since.

It took me a bit longer to share Gracie”s feelings as Kelly had issues. Major issues that continued to unfold as the days went by.

He was afraid of suitcases, briefcases – especially black ones. He was afraid of anything you had in your hands, once my cell phone sent him into the back yard for an hour!! I’d never seen that before. Kelly had come from a great home and was super healthy when I got him so these fears were hard to figure out. I was told he’d always been that way. A water bottle could send him into hiding and crying like a “girl”. Kelly is a big 55 pound lab mix. Not pretty to see him like that.

Since I train dogs and have a fantastic ability as a healer and communicator with them I thought “OK is this a trick of the universe I’d get a dog like this”?

Well of course it was just time for another STORY in my life.

My clients know me best as I always have some story to tell them to help them with their pets. Kelly is my personal unfolding story.

To start I trained Kelly to “smell” whatever he was afraid of.

I started small with a book. He was terrified one night when I brought the book close to him and he suddenly noticed it was a “big cell phone” or something. I am big believer in just talking to your dog or cat or horse. I don’t care if anyone thinks it’s silly or anything. Just talk out loud to them. So I told Kelly. “I want you to smell anything you are afraid of” and we began. That was 3 years ago and he’s always smelling something!! He now does it on his own.

Recently for fun I taught Kelly to buzz like a bee.

That’s right to “buzz like a bee”.

I used to play this game with him where I’d take my finger and act like a bee and pretend to hold it over him keeping him wondering when or if the “bee” would get him.

Now come on – I know you have done the same thing with your pets before – admit it.

Well anyway I finally felt quite guilty about putting him thru such torture that I felt I’d turn the game around a bit. So I taught him to buzz like a bee. I just say to him “OK Kelly buzz like a bee” and he does!!!

What is soooooo funny about it is that every time I get Kelly to do this game with me in front of a friend each friend has the same reaction. They get very emotional with tears in their eyes and everything and have the most unusual expression on their faces. I still can’t quite make it out but it’s almost like astonishment that Kelly can actually do it. Each person jumps up and runs over to him and hugs him af and we all laugh and laugh and laugh. Maybe we will end up on Oprah or something one day if I can add some more “sounds”.

I almost ruined this to the point that there would have been NO bee story to tell. I had friends over and HAD to show off Kelly to them. I got Kelly to “buzz like a bee” three times!! My friends were rolling on the floor laughing and in tears by the end. Well Kelly didn’t like it too much because he was used to getting his favorite treats when he did something so spectacular. I was so caught up in showing him off I forgot he had feelings too and worked for his favorite treats. So he went on strike for about three weeks. It was pathetic. I tried daily to get him to buzz like a bee for me and noooooooooooo.

Cardinal rule – treats after every trick, especially one like that!! Finally he felt sorry for me and started to do it again and I make sure he gets his favorite healthy treats. Here is Kelly’s favorite……….

Well this would not be much of a story if I didn’t tell the “end of the story”. Last week I discovered a big plant in my back yard loaded with “bees” getting nectar out of the flowers. I had walked by it several times while doing my laundry in the garage. I was so glad I’d not been stung. I stepped a safe distance away to get a really good look at how many bees there were – wowowowow there were a lot. I had my attention on one in particular, it was amazing how industrious it was with that flower.

Suddenly I became aware that Kelly was by me and I looked at him. I could sense he was a bit afraid and then Kelly, on his own, smelled the bee!!! I held my breath fearing that any movement would cause the bee to sting him. The most amazing thing occurred the bee sort of “shrugged” his shoulders, now I know they really don’t have shoulders, but I swear it looked like the bee shrugged his shoulders at Kelly and basically told him to bzzzzzzzzz off!! Kelly moved back and off into the house we went.

I wondered what I would have done if Kelly had been stung by the bee.

One of the greatest joys of my life is helping pets and their humans understand each other better. As I mentioned, I have had many many successes during my career as a dog trainer and pet whisperer. If you”d like help with your dog, cat, bird or horse, please feel free to call me for a paid consultation or drop me an email at


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