New Fittie Of The Week: Meet Mara!!!

I have known Mara for a couple years now! She and I were in the same sorority (Go Zeta Tau Alpha!). She has always been a friendly, and sweet girl, so when I saw her amazing fitness transformation on her Instagram account, I knew I had to feature her as my next Fittie of The Week! Mara recently became an Herbalife distributor ( want her help getting in shape? Contact her here! ) and her hard work and determination have definitely paid off! Just check out more of her story below and why she has a new-found love for health and fitness!


‘Hi! My name is Mara. Im a happy and healthy 22 year old. I recently graduated with my accounting degree and started working with a CPA in my hometown. I fell in love with fitness thanks to my best friend, Madison. I would have never signed up for my first boot camp with D & T, which is where it all started if it wasn’t for her. My trainers from D & T Personal Training taught me the fundamentals of living a active, healthy life and gave me the tools I need to stay on top of my game. Since then, I’ve had a passion for educating my self on all things healthy. I love learning about nutrition and adding variety to my exercise routine.’


1. What is your favorite body part to train?

M: Legs of course! I love training legs because there are so many different ways to challenge yourself. I love the “weak” feeling the next day because you know you pushed yourself to the limits!

2. What advice could you give somebody who’s just starting out in their fitness journey?

M: Keep going and don’t give up! Fall in love with the journey and your body. Change your mindset and focus on all the positives and be proud of the steps you’re taking to live a happier, healthier life! Most people are looking for a quick fix, but this is a lifestyle. It feels amazing to be healthy, so strive for that every day!

3. What is your favorite part about being a part of the Herbalife team?

M: Being surrounded by likeminded people who care about you. There is a great support group that keeps me on track and is always encouraging me to be the best version of me I can be.

4. What motivates you to workout and eat healthy?


M: The progress and change I see in myself keeps me motivated. Its amazing how nutrition affects so many areas of our lives.

5. Do you have a favorite recipe you’d like to share?

M: My favorite Herbalife shake: Original almond milk 1 cup Cookies and cream 1 scoop Dutch Chocolate 1 scoop Instant coffee grounds 1 serving A handful of ice And barely enough Nutella to mention!

6. What is one of your favorite not-so-healthy foods you love to have in moderation?!

M: Chicken fingers, I love chicken fingers!

7. What is a favorite song of yours you currently like to listen to while working out?

M:Bad Girls by M.I.A. Its so sassy!

Thank you, Mara! I loved featuring you as my fittie of the week! Your hard work shows and your transformation is incredible! I am proud of how far you have come and know you can keep going up from here! Keep up the amazing work, Mara! Oh, and I love chicken fingers, too! hehehe

Follow Mara on on instagram! @marabyrd_

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