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Best Cardio WorkoutPublished February 28, 2011 By David Cheng

You can’t ignore doing cardio exercises for proper fat loss. It is possible to lose fat in two ways, you can decrease your calorie intake by foods that burn fat or increase the amount you burn trough exercising. Most people get it wrong here, they bring their body into a starvation mode and don’t do any exercises at all.

Starvation is the main reason why most individuals fail to achieve their goals of having a leaner body because a decrease in caloric intake would also equate to a decrease in metabolic rate whereas proper diet coupled with good exercise increases metabolism.

Aerobic exercises are said to be the best and most effective measures to engage in if you want to lose fat. Aerobic literary means with oxygen and it entails the use of oxygen during the course of the exercise regimen. It has been established that the best exercises to engage in once your goal is to shed off some pounds are those with a high intensity because high intensity exercises would enable you to burn more calories than low intensity exercises.

If you will opt to engage yourself in cardio work out, you need to be ready to engage in the said exercise for about 30 minutes to one hour to fully grasp its benefits and for you to be able to achieve your goals. However, there are individuals who are highly blessed to have faster metabolism hence, they do not need longer time to exercise to stay fit.

However this is only a small group of the population if you want to lose fat cardio is recommended. If you want to know how much cardio exercise you need for maximum fat loss exposure then you have to know your body type. Other people will tell you that it is enough to do three times cardio per week. This might be true if your goals was building muscles or to get a better condition. However when it comes to burning body fat you will have to train more. Don’t think that you do to much cardio training because you train five or even seven days per week.

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