Skin Problems Related To Diabetes

Skin Problems Related To Diabetes

Diabetes is a disease that is caused when the body of a person fails to produce appropriate level of insulin. The body fails to response insulin as a result the blood sugar level of the person suffering from diabetes goes haywire. Other than abnormal insulin levels that are the major cause behind the disease there are a number of other discomforts and problems associated with diabetes. In medical terms we can say diabetes is a group of problematic conditions that are raised due to improper metabolism of sugar in blood. Person suffering from diabetes also fell victim to a number of inevitable skin problems. Below is a list of various skin disorders associated with diabetes.

  • Skin Infection due to Bacteria and Skin Fungus
    A diabetic individual suffers from a low immune system due to metabolic dysfunction. Due to low immunity microbial pathogens find the person as an easy target to grow and multiply on the skin of affected person. Due to diabetes metabolism and the blood flow of the body becomes sluggish, as a result skin does not receives proper nutrients from the blood. Due to this ill nourishment of the skin bacteria, fungi and yeast cause different types of infection in the skin of the person.
  • Pigmentation
    Diabetic patients are also affected by vitiligo and Acanthosis nigricans. Vitiligo results in lightening of the skin in the form of patches due to anomalous obliteration of melanocytes where as Acanthosis nigricans darkensa and thickens the specific areas of the skin such as neck, elbow joints, groin, ankles, breasts and under arms.
  • Dermopathy
    This skin disease is also known as “shin spots”. There is the formation of smooth, round and scaly patches on different parts of the skin particularly at legs and feet. These scales are brownish in color and are formed due to changes in the small vessels of legs and feet due to diabetes. These scales are self-healing and are healed when the blood sugar is under controlled.
  • Insulin Hypertrophy
    This condition is characterized by the formation of fatty cells clusters at the site where a person injects insulin. This disease commonly occurs when the insulin is derived from the beef or pork.
  • Diabetic Neuropathy
    In this skin disorder the skin of the legs become thin and smooth due to abnormal thickening of the blood arteries. This condition arises due to insufficient flow of blood to the skin of the legs due to narrowing of the vascular space. The patient develops growing indifference to the sensations of cold, pain and heat.