If you are going to a Super Bowl party…?

If you are going to a Super Bowl party…?

If you are going to a Super Bowl party…?

… what are you looking forward to the most?

Enjoying being around your friends & family?

The Pats didn’t make Peyton cry last year, did they?

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How does this sound to an edition to my other question?

Commercials, Nachos, Beer, and unescorted Drunken Blondes. . . . O yeah, and the game

im really looking forward to the game itself but i like the whole package

Watching the Patriots complete a 19-0 season and making another Manning cry!

Yes but they have made him cry on about 6 seperate occasions.

Its all about the game, the other shit you can do any other day

The game first and drinking second, especially since some beer I brewed should be ready by Sunday. Food, friends, and family are always plusses.

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