Finding Ultra

Finding Ultra

Rejecting Middle Age, Becoming One of the World''s Fittest Men, and Discovering Myself

The Review:

I''ve actually come to enjoy books about healthier living, from fitness to improving one''s food intake (''diet'' is a dirty word. I''ve lost plenty of weight myself via enhanced eating habits and more workout. Roll''s life case is alike to plenty of folks, who struggle with bad nutrition plan and addiction (in his case primarily alcohol, but food can obviously be an addiction too).

He makes radical changes and voila, he''s one of the fittest guys on the planet, alternative in ultras. I generally liked the book, particularly some of the data about becoming vegan, and the hidden dairy in offers one wouldn''t hope to find in some everyday foods- the dairy thing actually opened my eyes and has made me begin to look even more closely at what I eat. He reaches a point where he decides to make wholesale changes in his life, and that is a moment I reached as well. It was the point of the book that I most identified with the author, the single moment when we decide that we must make sacrifices to grow and become better people spiritually and physically.

What I didn''t like was that early in the book, he details his struggles with alcohol, and subsequent stint at rehab for several sections, but then suddenly there''s a section about his Plantpower nutrition plan, and how awesome it will make you feel. The enthusiasm for his nutrition plan did not match the preceeding sections and felt actually out of place- almost like a commercial break. The nutrition plan actually had nothing to do with his recovery, since the fitness issue didn''t truly hit him until several years into his sobriety. Also, it struck me as somewhat bogus that after having been a college swimmer at Stanford before succumbing to alcoholism, he suddenly remembers that he''s this great athlete after going out for a casual run (that happens to be a near marathon in length).

I think beginners will struggle mightily if they think they will try to workout and get great results immediately. There''s never any acknowlegement by the author that his previous athleticism might have played a factor in being able to pick it back up simply, and this omission to me seemed glaring. Overall, there''s a wealth of nice data about healthy eating and lifestyle changes, and for that reason I give it 4 stars. Taken for what that''s worth, there are some nice ideas that can be used to enhance one''s nutrition plan, regardless of whether you wish to go vegan or not.

I admit I''ve been critical of some of the points in the book, but I wish to clarify that these are small gripes. I don''t discount the author''s experience one bit, and applaud him for pushing his organism to new heights.

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