Essential Oil Can Be Used in Many Different Ways: Bath, Massage, Skin Care, Hair Care, Inhalation, and Diffusion

Essential Oil Can Be Used in Many Different Ways: Bath, Massage, Skin Care, Hair Care, Inhalation, and Diffusion

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Since before recorded history, botanicals - in the form of essential oil - have been used for medicinal healing and spiritual and religious ceremonies. Ancient civilizations used herbal fragrances in everything from embalming to architecture, as well as for baths and perfumes. Rene-Maurice Gattefosse, a French cosmetic chemist, coined the term "aromatherapy" in the early 1900s, when he discovered the healing properties of lavender.

Today, essential oils from plants are used both in their pure forms and as ingredients in many cosmetic, body, and bath products. There are different theories about the psychological and physical benefits imparted by specific herbs and other botanicals, yet there''s no question that scents have an impact on our moods and sense of well being-one whiff of chocolate chip cookies baking can immediately transport us to the cozy comfort of our mom''s kitchen. So consider adding a little scent to your life, and relax and enjoy the benefits you receive.

Essential oils can be used in many ways (but never take them internally!). Here are a few suggestions:

Bath: In warm water, essential oils are absorbed through your skin, and the aromatherapeutic vapors are effortlessly inhaled.

Massage: Essential oils penetrate into skin tissues and are circulated throughout the body.

Skin Care: When diluted with other products, essential oils can rejuvenate and moisturize your skin.

Hair Care: Essential oils can strengthen and stimulate your hair follicles, and can add shine to your hair.

Inhalation: Whether a spritz on your pillow, a few drops on a tissue, or in a vaporizer, inhaling essential oils is the easiest method to enjoy their benefits.

Diffusion: Essential oils can enhance your environment via sprays, air fresheners, and diffusers.

The essential oil of each plant has a distinct property and use. Here are metaphysical and medicinal uses for some essential oils.

Fennel - Metaphysical: Wards off negativity and evil. Medicinal: Improves digestion and lactation.

Mint - Metaphysical: Stimulating and energizing; inspiring. Medicinal: Cleansing and strengthening of the body.

Rosemary - Metaphysical: Energizing, stimulating, aids concentration. Medicinal: Stimulates circulation; respiratory problems; migraines.

Cedarwood - Metaphysical: Balancing, grounding, inspiring faith and optimism. Medicinal: Stimulates hair growth; respiratory ailments

Orange Peel - Metaphysical: Promotes mental clarity and emotional balance; stimulates creativity and confidence. Medicinal: Antidepressant, lymphatic drainage.

Chamomile - Metaphysical: Attracts prosperity; relaxation. Medicinal: insomnia, menstrual cramps; boosts immune system.

Juniper Berry - Metaphysical: Clears negative energy and promotes a sense of well-being. Medicinal: Urinary infections and water retention.

Angelica Root - Metaphysical: Integrating the physical, emotional and spiritual. Medicinal: Digestive problems; aids detoxification of body

Cinnamon - Metaphysical: Encouraging, uplifting. Medicinal: Cold remedies.

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