Coventry Health Insurance - Get Straight Facts

Coventry Health Insurance - Get Straight Facts

made a commitment to providing affordable

and accessible health care. The basis of this way of providing

insurance, called the ‘Coventry Model’ is financial

strength and excellence in providing service. They are dedicated to

ensuring that every person served receives the best possible value for

their health care investment. Coventry wants its members to succeed in

taking control of their own health care, whether it’s

achieving or maintaining a healthy lifestyle, managing medical

Health Insurance - What You Should Know

more than 5 million members in all 50 states and offers a wide range of

products: group and individual health insurance, Medicare and Medicaid

programs and specialty services, including worker’s

compensation and behavioral health coverage. National and regional

plans, affordable premiums, flexible coverage and customized solutions

are only part of what makes the ‘Coventry Model’ so

successful. Safe and secure online access allows members to locate a

provider, access member services, stay updated with claims activity,

refill prescriptions, make appointments, ask questions and get your

deductible status 24 hours a day. Print out records or ask a question

using the convenient online form. Coventry health care believes that

the more information and accessibility to your health records you have

helps you to manage your health care in ways that just a few years ago

insurance is working on health care reform as an active participant in

finding solutions that will benefit all. A member of the AHIP

(America’s Health Insurance Plans) – a national

association for the health insurance industry, Coventry is committed to

bipartisan health care reform by offering detailed proposals which

include the removal of pre-existing condition limitations and health

status ratings – which excludes countless people from getting

health care they need. Coventry wants to help you participate in your

own health care, including simplifying your health care coverage