cosmetic surgery liposuction guide

cosmetic surgery liposuction guide

Making The Decision To Have Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery is sometimes used interchangeably with the term plastic surgery. This isn�t an entirely accurate use, though, because plastic surgery can be for purely functional reasons. Cosmetic surgery can be to improve aesthetic appearance as well as function, or just appearance. Typically, in our society, cosmetic surgery is seen as elective and optional. That isn�t always the way clients see it however.

Take, for instance, a young adult female with differently shaped breasts or breasts that are �lopsided.� This is, technically, probably merely an issue of aesthetics. What, though, of the emotional effects such a condition could have on the young woman? Chances are, she�s already dealt with her fair share of embarrassment or shame in the locker room, at sleepovers, camp, while shopping for good-fitting bras, etc. Though the problem is in no way her fault, the young woman probably carries some shame with her. The effects of that emotional burden can damage a young lady�s self-esteem and her romantic relationships.

Other issues, as noted, could be merely for reasons related to improved physical appearance. Rhinoplasty (nose jobs) is a popular cosmetic procedure, and fairly easy to perform and recover from. Dermal fillers, such as Restylane and Juvederm, are also very popular. These fillers are commonly injected into areas of the face where lines and wrinkles are prone to appear. Another popular cosmetic treatment

that�s received media attention in recent years is Botox. Botox is injected into the skin and paralyzes the nerves in that area, which leads to a very smooth appearance.

Cosmetic surgery procedures such as breast enlargement can lead to both physical and emotional benefits for the client. Even if one does not suffer from embarrassment and shame, as in the example of the young lady with the breast issues, some people can just feel self-conscious about something. If a minor cosmetic procedure is all that is needed for one to feel more confident and spend less time obsessing about a particular feature of their face or body, then perhaps it�s a good choice.

It wouldn�t be fair to talk strictly about the benefits of cosmetic surgery. Some attention must be paid to the potential risks of cosmetic surgery. The most obvious one is that it won�t work to fix the problem. Whether the problem is physical, psychological, or emotional, the possibility must be acknowledged that the client will not be happy after the procedure. It is possible that when the procedure is finished, the client will realize there was a deeper issue. For example, self-esteem issues may not disappear overnight, even if the perceived physical flaw is gone.
Another potential risk of cosmetic surgery is that it brings new problems. With any kind of surgery, there is always the potential for death or other adverse effects�infection, improper healing, etc. Or if one finances the procedure(s), they may find that it is harder to keep up with the payments than they had realized, adding a new layer of stress to their lives.

The risks and benefits of cosmetic surgery should be thoroughly researched and weighed by the client. Part of the process may even be a recommendation by the cosmetic surgeon for the client to have a psychological evaluation or some counselling, to determine if the client�s expectations are realistic. Do not be offended if such a suggestion comes up, as it is a measure to protect both the client and the cosmetic surgeon. Any type of surgery requires thought, planning, and evaluation, in order for both parties to be satisfied with the outcome.
Surgicare is a UK based cosmetic surgery company that provides patients with a wide range of treatments from major procedures such as breast enlargement through to simpler treatments such as chemical peels and dermal fillers.

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