What Are You Hiding from Your Doctor?

What Are You Hiding from Your Doctor?

What Are You Hiding from Your Doctor?
You Unknowingly Keep Vital Information from Healthcare Providers

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Do you remember which ankle you twisted in a soccer game when you were 11 years old? How long ago was it when you had your last tetanus shot? If you are like most Americans, you don''t have the answers to these important health questions. People may not realize they are doing it, but they are keeping vital information from their healthcare providers.

"People are wasting money and risking their health by failing to provide complete and accurate healthcare records," says Sandra Lewis, author of My Health Record. "Health records play a critical role in patient care and diagnosis. It is essential that you have your health records available at all times."

Even if you don''t change healthcare providers, it''s likely that your provider''s office won''t have your complete health history. Patient healthcare records belong to physicians and clinics, not the patient. With more patients than filing space, records are often destroyed after seven years—and sometimes in as few as two years.

In the new book My Health Record—Help the Doctor Help You, you learn to take a proactive role in your healthcare by maintaining your own health history. The book enables you to avoid harmful drug-interaction, remember regular check-ups, monitor chronic illnesses and improve your overall quality of healthcare.

Sandra Lewis has often been referred to as a medical records expert. Through My Health Record she hopes to save lives, alleviate pain, promote peace of mind and save money worldwide for consumers, healthcare providers, insurance companies and the government.

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