Is your home or a gym the best place for a man health workout?

Is your home or a gym the best place for a man health workout?

Before we answer your question about a man health workout, let’s deal with some basics:
  • The first step in your man health workout is to get a medical evaluation.

    This will give you the clean bill of health to show that you have no medical conditions that prohibit you from exercising.

  • Step two is to answer the following question: What exactly do I want from my workout?

    Is it:

    • to lose weight,
    • to get more muscular,
    • to achieve a higher level of flexibility,
    • to look like a male model with a full 6 pack?

    This sets the stage for the type of workout that you will engage in.

  • Next is to assess your current fitness level.

    If you have someone in the fitness field ask them to help you and if not visit your nearest health club gym with a qualified exercise specialist.

  • Then the question is :

    Are you willing to commit the minimum 3 hours per week that most workout routines involve (more if you have elite conditioning goals!)?

  • Last, are you willing to commit to sticking with your workout program?

    Unless you have near perfect genetics, it will take 3-6 months to see noticeable results.

And so let’s get back to the initial question:

Should you join a gym or do your man health workout at home?

Basically, the answer to this depends on your personality and time constraints:

  • If you only have the time to do the minimum workout and it has to be from home then that’s ok. There are plenty of good home gym and workout routines.
  • If you want the social atmosphere of a health club gym, and the expertise of the instructors, lots of speciality equipment, and other added luxuries that you might not get at home (i.e. sauna, whirlpool, sports bar or nutrition bar) then the health club gym is for you.

    Remember that about 60-80% of members at a health club gym don’t use it on a regular basis. It’s up to you to get your workouts in on a regular basis if you want awesome results!

Are you ready for the other obligations if you do join a health club gym?

Of course, the first is to pay your dues!

Other ones are:

  • Being polite and letting others work in with you on the weights or machines.
  • Cleaning up after yourself when you finish with a set of weights (put them back where they came from!).
  • Toweling off the stairmaster that you just left drenched in your sweat! (Ewwww!)
  • Letting your instructor know when you need help or have questions.

Are there different types of workout routines?

Of course, and they are infinite! Usually they get grouped by goals or equipment used. Examples are:

  • Bodybuilders spend most of their time using the free weights and weight machines.
  • Fitness buffs (people that just want overall fitness levels) will spend some time on the weights and equal or more on the cardiovascular equipment or classes and finish up with stretching or yoga class.
  • Weekend warriors or elite athletes have very specialized routines and you may not even recognize some of the weird pieces of equipment that they are using.

The key is consistency and commitment. Stick with it and you will achieve a higher level of fitness and peak health and performance from your man health workout!

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