Fundraiser For Healthy Life

Fundraiser For Healthy Life

Truly Healthy Fund Raiser
Truly Healthy Fund Raiser

Raise money for your group with HEALTHY “Automated Fund Raising”

This system provides your school organization:

Virtual ''hands free'' fund raising
Your own dedicated sales website -- free
20% profit -- including monthly reorders!
Quality products below retail pricing
Delivery direct to customers'' doorstep - no shipping markup
Year-round profits with monthly payout
Real-time sales & earnings statistics 24/7
No program fees, prepayments, nor marketing costs

Harness the power and simplicity of the Internet. Times are changing.



Requires a lot of volunteer support

  • PTA/PTO organizers - tons of work
  • Teachers and school staff
  • Parents supervise & delivery
  • Selling students must be ''outgoing''

Few volunteers required

  • PTA/PTO organizers - communicate with students/parents. That''s about it
  • Students email family''s contact list
  • Parents supervise/encourage student emails

Sell products by personal contact

  • Door-to-door sales
  • Local area customers only
  • Requires parent supervision
  • Fill out order forms
  • Problem with order forms accuracy & readable
  • Consolidate orders for vendor

Sell by eMail

  • Inform others about ''program'' using sample emails
  • Students email family and friends of family
  • Customers can be anywhere in USA + Military Overseas
  • Use email samples to develop student writing & communication skills

Must handle money

  • Collect payments
  • Bank checks / cash & re-issue payment to vendor
  • Bounced checks & errors are your problem

Never touch money

  • Secure website shopping cart supports entire process
  • Realtime 24/7 sales tracking
  • Monthly payment from vendor

Must distribute orders

  • Receive huge shipment & inventory items
  • Organize & bag products
  • Parents pick-up each childs orders
  • Deliver to customer
  • Deal with errors & breakage

Orders delivered to customer doorstep

  • Accurate content & delivery address
  • Shipped direct to customers
  • Usually same day shipping
  • UPS package tracking
  • 100% product Satisfaction Guarantee

End the campaign

  • One time orders thus done in ''60'' days
  • Work and income stops

Perpetual System

  • Monthly income continues
  • Return orders & referrals = new sales
  • Continuing monthly orders (autoship)

Next Fundraiser

  • Begin next fundraiser 2 months later
  • New volunteers

Next Fundraiser

  • Re-emphasize program as desired to increase sales

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When I was presented with this idea of school fundraiser, I thought to myself, "Eureka!" This is the perfect opportunity for my son''s school!

For years I have participated in my children''s fundraisers, both as the parent and helping the teachers. You know the routine. The kids come home with the packet of stuff from the teacher. It has the letter, money envelope, the order forms and the catalogue. I get so tired of asking everyone at work, neighbors and family to take a look at it. Then they have to fill out what they want, calculate the total and you collect the check. And you have to do that with each person! There was this one time where I miscalculated someone''s total and had to foot part of their bill. Not cool. It felt like a part time job!

Not to mention when the products came in. Then the kids had to bring home the products and we have to bag and deliver it. And a big "Oops!" if someone lost the original order form.

All this is stuff I had to do. What about the teachers/schools responsibility? They have to place the orders, make sure they don''t make any errors, and account for all the money.

I have seen first hand when the products landed at the school. The teachers were organizing who gets what and getting it to them. Cookie dough? Needed to be refrigerated and parents had to pick it up after school. That meant the teachers had to stay late and parents had to add that to their "to-do list".

For this fundraiser, all we do is email! Everything is taken care of for us! You can check out our website!

I think this hands-off fundraiser is awesome. It will be less work for all involved...

Surprise, Arizona

Your Own Website

Your Web would be nearly identical to Countryside-PTO, available in a week and at no cost!

View a real school program in action.

You can even order to anonymously test the products and service.

We would not know you were evaluating our program and products, we would just assume you were part of their school. And they would thank you for the 20% ''commission''.

Just click and send an email for

It is easy to get started. Simply:

  1. Send a blank email to receive complete program details. Feel free to call us personally and speak with our dedicated team.
  2. Complete an application with basic information and authorization to create your website.
  3. Your website will be delivered and functioning usually within a week.
  4. Test your website, and even order your very own Liquid Essentials.
  5. Start your fund raising using sample emails.