A letter of vital importance for men only. Confidential subject. As a man of about my know how you keep hearing about so many men falling victim to prostate cancer. So it''s only natural to ask yourself, ''Will this happen to me too?? This is why you''ll find this letter a real eye-opener. You''ll discover just what the prostate is, its function and -- most important of all-- how you can find the newest treatments open to you if something goes wrong. You''ll be able to take full control of your own body and ensure ongoing good sex, good health and a long life.

Dear Friend: This letter is too vital to worry about being too straightforward.

So let me jump right in.

Your sex life depends on a healthy prostate.

So does your health. A diseased prostate -- cancer or otherwise -- can kill you. It''s happening to many men every week.

Over 75% of all men over 50 have enlarged prostate. The enlargement of prostrate blocks the passage of urine from the bladder. Prostate problems get worse with the age. But now, thanks to miraculous new treatments which you should know about, the future looks brighter than ever.

Like anything else in your life or work, you need to take charge, to be in full control. JUST LOOK AT THESE STARTLING STATISTICS: The American Cancer Society reports that more than 317,000 men in America will be diagnosed with prostate cancer this year alone.

Of course, some 40,500 of them most likely will die -- because they waited too long. Among men, lung cancer is the #1 killer. #2 is prostate cancer. The older you get, the greater your chances of developing prostate cancer or some other type of prostate disease or prostate problems. Discouraging? No way!! Before I reveal the good news...

WHAT EXACTLY IS THE PROSTATE AND WHAT IS ITS FUNCTION? The prostate is a gland about the size of a walnut at the base of the penis. It''s just under the bladder and in front of the rectum. Its sole purpose is to manufacture semen. When you were between 20 and 30, it reached its full size. Then it rocks along until about age 45 when it typically starts getting bigger and bigger. This is where trouble can enter in. With enlargement often comes cancer -- ''The Big CO'' This is why men worry.

And this is why, with your permission, I want to you to access my guide -- strictly at my risk, not yours -- a brand-new tells-all book you''ll prize. It''s entitled: EVERY MAN''S GUIDE TO PROSTATE PROBLEMS & TREATMENTS: GOOD SEX, GOOD HEALTH, LONG LIFE. It answers all your questions in plain, everyday English.

As one man put it recently, "I''ve tried talking with my doctor about the prostate but he''s always too busy. Besides, it''s a little embarrassing to talk to another man about this subject. Now, thanks to your carefully researched book, I''m no longer in the dark."

"I now know what are the prostate problems. What symptoms to look for, when to see a doctor, and all the new and miraculous treatments most men are not aware of. No longer must I live in fear. You''ll feel the same way. LOOK AT WHAT YOU''LL FIND OUT. : What to watch for -- prostate symptoms that may indicate you have prostate problems.

Many will surprise you. 22 to watch for closely. Your treatment options today -- from surgery to new laser options to non-surgical treatments that solve prostate problems. We''ve come a long way in the last 10 years. All about the new PSA test -- vital!

The signs of benign prostatic hypertrophy (BPH), prostate cancer and prostatitis, including bacterial and viral infections. How to find the right doctor, one who is 100% up-to-date. All the new vaccines and medicines available now.

New research supplements to check out. New tests, procedures and treatments unheard of until recently. How your diet and environment can affect or help prostate problems. And the up-to-date, vitally important facts go on and on... In all, 168 big pages filled with up-to-the-minute help, the result of the newest findings about the prostate and what YOU can do to help yourself. Never again will you fear the unknown.


Today medical science CAN eradicate disease of the prostate -- if you recognize the symptoms in time. Astounding advances in genetic work, as well as chemical and surgical techniques, are yours if you know where to look.

And this new book reveals all. I know it''s easy to think, '' This won''t happen to me.''

And if you were born with the right set of genes, an enlarged prostate poses no problem. You''re lucky. But the point it -- you never know. A take-charge man invariably finds out the facts so he can be in control and know what to do ''if and when'' Since I believe you''re this type of man, let me urge you to send for this valuable reference book this very day. You risk nothing, not a dollar.

If it doesn''t make you feel in full control of your own body -- and future -- send it back any time in 90 days and get a full, fast refund. No questions. Case closed.

This book can literally save your life.
Michael Allen
Sincerely, Michael Allen, Publisher

P.S. The result of the newest and most intensive medical investigation ever, Every Man''s Guidebook To Prostate Problems is a book every man should have in his home library. But please hurry.


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