Is Liver healthy for dog liver?

Is Liver healthy for dog liver?

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It is, and congratulations on being a critical thinker, however you shouldn''t feed it more than once or twice a week if you feed it as food. I have a Chihuahua with liver insufficiency due to poisoning from the melamine from China that was in poor quality dog foods and treats a couple of years ago (he nearly died).

Between my personal experience with my own liver problems (Hep B 30 years ago) and a vet with some nutrition training, we decided to give him Milk Thistle herb caps and Raw Dessicated Liver available from health food stores or online. I open the caps for him and sprinkle about half on his food a couple of times a week. About once a month, I get a container of chicken livers from the meat case at my local super, cook those lightly and feed them as a treat to my whole pack. We both are still alive and kicking.

It also might help him if you crushed a papaya enzyme tab and sprinkled that on his food every day. Take it very easy on the fats, too, and be sure if you feed him kibble, it''s the very best quality. I feed mine a combination of Senior and Weight Control Blue Buffalo for several reasons; it has no grains, all ingredients are guaranteed from the US, they do not test on animals, it can be softened with water (not so with others due to salmonella contamination), they do not use slaughterhouse wastes & it''s a reasonably priced dry food.

BTW, medical doctors (vet or human) in the US are capitalist, and they do not study nutrition extensively unless they specialize in it; they study crisis medicine which is closing the barn door after the horse is long gone, IMHO. I was saved by an old man who owned a health food store and who quit veterinary school in his last semester to apply what he knew to saving humans. He saved my life with "natural" supplements. I apply what I learned to my dogs, and it pays off.

Edit: Did your vet do a dental on him? If not, have that done. He may have problems chewing because of loose teeth or abscesses. I don''t feed mine raw because they puked it all over my house. If yours can handle it at his age, despite his worn old teeth (which is why canids die young in the wild), great, and I hope your freezer doesn''t fritz out on you during hot weather.


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You can also get a multi gland which, since he''s is old, might help him also. Good endocrine function is what keeps things young. You can get it for male or female:…

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lol to be honest I''m not sure if I got a "best answer" but I also have a small dog with liver failure, and if it worked well with a chihuahua then it should be fin in small doses with a shetland sheepdog.