Green tea shown to block carbohydrate breakdown

Green tea shown to block carbohydrate breakdown

Green tea shown to block carbohydrate breakdown, It’s a well-known fact now that eating too much complex rich carbohydrates is like a bullet in a gun for causing chronic illness, it can cause heart disease, metabolism dysfunction, diabetes and a whole range of other illnesses just through eating rich carbohydrates.

Green tea has long been noted in China for its antioxidant properties and has a huge range of health benefits that can be gained from drinking it on a regular basis. It has now been found that green tea blocks an enzyme that helps break down carbohydrates to prevent glucose spikes. Read the rest of this article below to find out how green tea could help you and the natural health benefits you can get from it.

Green tea extract blocks an enzyme that breaks down carbs to prevent glucose spikes

The group of mice fed the bioactive EGCG compound had a significant reduction in their blood sugar levels after eating corn starch, but not the maltose or sucrose sugars. Lead study author, Dr. Joshua Lambert noted “The spike in blood glucose level is about 50 percent lower than the increase in the blood glucose level of mice that were not fed EGCG.” The dose of EGCG fed to the mice was equivalent to about one and a half cups of green tea for a human.

The scientists determined that EGCG blocks the action of an enzyme called alpha-amylase that normally breaks carbohydrates to simple sugars for digestion. They found that EGCG can inhibit the enzymes ability to break down starches, as they also found that EGCG reduced the activity of alpha-amylase in the pancreas by 34 percent. They believe that the same mechanism found in mice is at work in carbohydrate breakdown and absorption in humans.

The researchers indicated that it is important to take EGCG with starchy foods to maximize the action, and found that the green tea extract has no effect on blocking the breakdown of sugars. Millions of people consume a diet largely consisting of processed carbohydrates that surge blood glucose levels within minutes of eating. This places them at significant risk for many devastating diseases, and dire complications for those already suffering from metabolic syndrome and diabetes. Learn more here.

Green tea shown to block carbohydrate breakdown, Green tea is only become popular in the West in the last 10 to 15 years, so most of the health properties to begin from taking green tea are only known on a small scale. The Chinese have used green tea for centuries and many take it to dear for the taste but because of the health benefits that you can get from taking it.

There was research done a few years ago saying that they thought green tea could stop a lot of stomach cancers and that’s when its popularity began to grow. Now scientists in the West started looking at this amazing tea to find out what else it can do for you and your health.

There are many flavours of green tea, so if you’re interested in trying it for its health benefits, don’t go for the cheap kind go for the more expensive brand and you’re sure to get the best results. Green tea shown to block carbohydrate breakdown.