E-Liquids for Smokers who Want to Quit

E-Liquids for Smokers who Want to Quit

Cigarette smoking is injurious to health. This is one line that is advertised almost everywhere these days, television commercials, movies, hoardings and even on the cigarette packets. It is a fact that everyone is aware of, yet they pretend to be unaware. Smokers know exactly how harmful cigarettes are, yet they are unable to quit. Here are some of the negative effects of smoking:

Respiratory Difficulties

The organs, smoking affects most are the lungs and the heart. If one quits in time, the effect can be reversed but if it is too late, it can cause irreversible damage. Cigarette smoke causes irritation in the lining of the bronchial tubes. The smoke causes the tubes to create mucus which leads to “smoker’s cough”, a chronic coughing. Even if a smoker is non-asthmatic, cigarette smoke can create asthma like symptoms in the smoker’s body. One grave complication that smoking might cause is COPD.


Cigarette smoking can cause cancer as a cigarette contains carcinogens like formaldehyde and hydrocarbon. The three most common types of cancer smoking can cause is mouth cancer, lung cancer and throat cancer. Some of these types of cancer are not detected till a very late stage.

Problems in the Circulatory System

Fumes from the cigarette that you smoke, replaces the oxygen in your body. Due to this, less amount of oxygen reaches the heart. This can cause problems like irregular heartbeat and other fatal complications. Also, chemicals present in cigarettes deposit plaque. As the plaque begins to build up, it increases the risk of having heart attacks because; the supply of blood to the heart is constrained.

Effects on Social Life

Smoking does not only hamper health but it also affects social life. As people are becoming more and more health conscious these days, cigarette smoking has become a taboo in most places. People who do not smoke also do not wish to be surrounded by smokers and become, second-hand or passive smokers. Even the smell of cigarette smoke comes across as unpleasant to most people.

You will not believe it, but cigarette smoke can also harm household possessions. The glass on mirrors, furniture and even windows become hazy. Plus, carpets that trap the cigarette smoke, start smelling musty after sometime.

There are various ways in which one can try and quit smoking. Some wear nicotine patches, till they get rid of the habit. Smoking e-cigarettes is also another way of quitting smoking. These cigarettes give off a vapour that looks like cigarette smoke but isn’t. The liquid inside these cigarettes, have nicotine but no tobacco. They also come in various flavours. The best e liquids can now be bought online as they are made easily accessible and are an extremely convenient option for smokers who really want to quit.